About me

About me

New York-Based Designer, Artist, Animator, 3D Artist, Illustrator, and Art Director Salvatore Serravillo has been persistent in delivering eye-popping designs to Print and Broadcast, by being a creative powerhouse. Over the past decade, Salvatore has created some incredible work for his clients, which include such names as Icon Magazine, The Daily Front Row, The American Museum of Natural History, Current Tv, De-Konstrukt, Al Jazeera America, Dow Jones, CBS and many more. He got his start, designing at Icon Magazine, where he was the Junior Art Director and learned how to make critical decisions, Ultimately changing the overall view and face of the magazine. He went on to have two exhibitions of his work in NYC that year; Tokyo Plastic: It's Alive! King of the Monsters! and APW: NY Sketch it out. Followed by graduating FIT with a BFA.

In the last Seven years, he has started, to bring his unique dynamic aesthetic to Television and Social Media. Starting with Current TV, where he worked on such shows as Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer and John Fugelsang, the War Room with Jennifer Granholm and the Young Turks. At the same time assisted in building animations and other production elements for shows and network projects. Such as Vanguard, Talking Liberally with Stephanie Miller, The Bill Press show and the Presidential Election coverage of 2012.

He went on to help launch Al Jazeera America, a 24-hour news network, by assisting in building templates, animations, and other production elements, for the shows and the network months before the launch. Which had a worldwide audience and groundbreaking approach to journalism. Later Salvatore went on to be one of the main designers for This Morning with Charlie Rose at CBS.

These days you can find Salvatore designing and making artwork in his studio, in the South Bronx. If it would be for his company INVOKE which is a Modern day Minimal Dystopian Fashion brand, that takes a playful luxurious feel that embodies the rebellious spirit of a new generation with its simple sophisticated minimal approach to Dystopian Fashion. Prototyping, Being the A&R and Art Director for De-Konstrukt or designing for such companies as L'Oréal Paris, Colgate, Infor, SYFY, The British Government, Vayner Media and much more.